Consumer focused Spain Awards Guide

We have applied our expertise and services to an annual magazine for the Wines From Spain Awards. The final outcome is not only better designed than the previous versions, it is more cost efficient too.

Considered and Efficient from Start To Finish

The Wines from Spain Awards 2012
Working closely with the client the annual awards was refocussed from trade only to consumer. Renamed ‘The Wines from Spain Awards’, distinct and appealing design and content was created for the guide. The comprehensive strategy to put ‘excellent glasses of Spanish wine in interested hands’ includes distributing the guide at carefully targeted consumer wine shows where the winners will be showcased to interested consumers

Our Approach

Considered & efficient from start to finish
Creating something that looks pretty is the easy bit, creating something that achieves the results it was intended for is the tough bit. Doing both  is what Hansell is all about.

Starting with Industry Knowledge
We know you already! In fact you may already know us. Hansell has been working in and around the drinks industry for many years, it’s our specialist subject. We have worked with the big generic groups and the small boutique companies. We have helped them all achieve more, and now we want to help you.

Finishing with The Results
It’s all about delivering the final product. A product that is efficiently produced. Conveys the right message to your customers and most importantly achieves the results you are after.



We are excited to be embarking on this new journey to reach out to the consumer and capitalise on the excitement and buzz which surrounds all things Spanish from wine to gastronomy.

María José Sevilla,
Director Food and Wines from Spain.



1 Creative

Idea generation for both design and content.

2 Artworking

Image Sourcing, accurate layouts and applying copy.

3 Photography

Professional, consistent & considered photography.


4 Management

From start to finish, we plan the project ensuring all deadlines are met.

5 Print

The right print, delivered into your customers hands.

6 Web

A full content managed system, microsite, mobile app or an online brochure. We can help

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