Website guidance for Charity


Our video provides some really useful tips and practical advice that you can apply to your own Charity Website. We’ve selected three key areas to focus on and these are:

  • Understand Your Audience
  • Be Your User Experience
  • Test, Go Live & Stay Live

These topics are all connected and equally as important. By addressing all three, you will deliver a far more effective web experience for your target users and see strong improvements across all your digital marketing activities.

To support the video we’ve prepared a guidance document which details the key points of our presentation. Download it from the link below:

Download Our PDF Guide


Quick Recap:

Understand-your-audienceUnderstand your Audience is all about:

  • Building your site around a deep knowledge of your audience ‘types’
  • Reviewing website design work against these audience types
  • Matching your audience interests to your website goals (not the other way around)


Be your User Experience by:

  • Design and building your website around your brand identity
  • Delivering engaging and immersive content
  • Ensure credibility at every step of your website ‘be authentic


Test, Go Live & Stay Live by:

  • A/B Testing using audience sampling
  • With a structure in place don’t be afraid to make things live
  • Keep true to your brand whilst allowing for effective fresh, topical content

By doing all of this your audience will be more engaged, you’ll encourage loyalty and increase likelihood of conversions.

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