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Make your website a powerful marketing tool – not just a ‘web presence’.

Website Design & New Media

Websites from only £400!!! – shouts the banner…. Stop a moment – before you get your cheque book out. Agencies that proclaim they can provide you with a website for £400 are either intending to grab your attention with a low price and then sell you a more expensive service (the from is often a hint), OR they will be providing you with a very basic template-based ‘presence’ rather than an effective marketing tool.

Even if the agency only charges £50 an hour, do you think they can structure, design, build and optimise a website that will actually promote your business, in 8 hours?

A website is the most powerful marketing tool for any organisation. It’s often the first port of call for anyone that wants to find out about you, it can be your shop window and must reflect your businesses brand values.

So what is the best method to select a design agency for your new website? A combination of people you get on with plus a great portfolio is a good starting point. We would also recommend you ask for references, ensure you receive an estimate that clearly indicates what is included and make sure you know what they are expecting from you.

At Hansell our honest and upfront approach puts customers at ease and clearly set’s out what we can provide within a given budget. We will hold a face-to-face meeting to introduce ourselves, learn about your business and work with you to establish a clear project brief.

Fact: A website is your most powerful opportunity to engage with your audience

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