Packaging Design

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Shelf shout matters

Be it a label on a bottle, a cleverly engineered pack or a smart insert to your blister packs, well designed packaging can achieve maximum shelf shout. In a crowded marketplace you need your product packaging to talk to your customer when you aren’t there to do it yourself. It’s vital you get the message right.

Packaging Design

You might have a product that satisfies a consumers needs or wants. The price point may be correctly positioned and it’s placement may be well defined. However without memorable packaging design, it will get lost in a sea of competition.

Hansell has a wealth of experience in successful packaging. Our work in the consumer packaging sector has delivered impressive results for customers. Developed by Tech-link and Hansell Design, the ‘Keepit Clean’ range was launched in Apple UK’s London Oxford street store. Within 3 hours of its launch the store was reporting that it had already sold out. The products continued to then out sell its direct competitor (displayed directly alongside in store) by approximately 3-1. The range went on to sell throughout all Apple Stores globally and online.

Fact: 80% of purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale

The ‘KeepIt Clean’ range designed by Hansell outsold its direct competitior by 3-1

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