Design for Print

Brochures, Stationery, Campaign packs, Point of Sale, Catalogues

The printed word is a powerful tool

Printed items play a huge part in successful marketing campaigns. Used appropriately print will get attention where it counts. It can build your brand awareness or communicate a specific focussed message. A message that can generate extra interest, raise a smile or just stand out from the crowd.

Design For Print

There are as many different printing solutions and techniques as there are styles and formats of printed item. With so many options when it comes to print how do you know which combination of items is right for your business? We recommend you regularly conduct a review of the printed material you use to promote your business. Look at the full costs, not just the design and print costs but also the cost to deliver the item to your customer. Our partners at avenue printing would be happy to help you with this review for free and with no-obligation.

Hansell thoroughly understands the best way to utilise the power of print. Some of our most successful campaign work for clients have started with printed direct marketing pieces that drive customers to a microsite. We’ve designed clever invites that attracted more responses and brochures which are perfectly pitched to their target audience.

By managing the print process for you we make sure you get the best product at the right price, every time. Our print experience covers traditional print through to large format printing for exhibition stands and wayfinding architectural signage.

Fact: Even google advertise through printed promotions

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