Branding & Logo Design

Corporate identities, logo design, brand guidelines.

What image do your customers see?

If I told you that ‘Mick’ here was in fact a highly acclaimed mechanic who works for McLaren, you probably wouldn’t believe me. In fact, I could show you all his certificates and you still wouldn’t believe me. Visually, irreparable damage has been done.

Branding & Logo Design

Many businesses pay too little attention to how they look. Research suggests that we have between five to seven seconds to create a positive first impression. That’s why having an appropriate logo and company brand is so important. Our clients say that once they have established their brand with us, they quickly recognise their market place and which customers to target.

So, have a long, hard look in the ‘business mirror’; do you like what you see? Is it a true reflection of your business?

We consider every way in which you communicate with your clients. From a consistent approach to your stationery, all the way through to a full campaign across all media.

Our branding review for Barking and Dagenham Council simplified commissioning design, delivered a clearer message to residents and lowered costs.

We are never afraid to start small and help a business grow. When we started work with Consultus Care and Nursing they wanted a few small adverts designed. Since then we’ve designed their brand identity, developed a sector leading customer care pack and helped promote their business in it’s 50th year.

Fact: People judge a book by its cover.

The most comprehensive style guide I have ever seen

Anita Curico,
Barking & Dagenham council

Some of our Brand Out! projects