Brand Design – Jewellers Forging Ahead

The client had a confusing identity, inconsistently applied across various materials and crucially did not reflect the quality and bespoke services they provided. We fired up our furnaces and with crafting hammers in hand, we created a brand that would meld in with the desired brand positioning.


Firstly we investigated the fashion and jewellery industry, developing a clear understanding of what is suitable and appealing to their customers and the industry as a whole. We also discussed the clients business plans, ensuring the branding we designed would be flexible for all planned for applications. These included; shop front application, eCommerce, stationery, point of sale and product collections.


Having absorbed all the key insights into the business, services and customer we reflect upon this material to help define suitable directions. After many sketches, mark exploration and mock-ups we presented the client with two developed concepts. One focussed upon a ‘signature’ motif which could be applied to all material. The second presented a mark which integrated the B and S from Bill Skinner into a ‘stamp’ accompanying the company name set in a suitable typeface.

We presented them with highly appropriate concepts:

The ‘signature motif’ design concept

The selected route after thorough design research and development.

The Rollout

We developed the selected design route into a fully considered brand. Establishing a flexible and varied colour palette to accompany the mark. This broad colour palette allowed for the changing trends and seasonality of the fashion industry, ensuring Bill Skinner’s branding would always suit the market.

This was then artworked for stationary and key marketing materials.

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